What happened
Jon R. Van Dyke???

Maliciously Missing???


Jon's wife (Maureen)

Fax: 1.800.570.8915

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Jon R. Van Dyke, Folly Beach, SC

Maliciously Missing since
May 19, 2005


Jon R. Van Dyke

Proof he's alive given to family May 11, 2009

1 week shy of 4 years of being maliciously missing.

We still search for the truth and we will find it!!!

We don't believe you are okay.

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Jon's family misses him, if you have information please let us know!
maureen@reintjes.us or deskside2@yahoo.com

Jon R. Van Dyke (2001)

Concrete proof that Jon is alive was given to the family on May 11, 2009.

We reserve the right to keep this site up pretty much as is as a testament to this family's search conducted out of love and extreme concern to find Jon, who ended up to be maliciously missing (barring medical/mental evaluations that legally we can't get.)

Background (Summary): More complete info can be found by clicking here.

Missing since May 19, 2005 from work at CitiGroup Command Center in Las Vegas.  Ran errand never returned to work or home.

Download Jon's route he would have taken from work to Budget Rental.  MS Pub | Adobe PDF

Jon has been missing since May 19, 2005. On May 31, 2005, Jon had made brief contact with his daughters in one phone call that ended abruptly. The family still considers him missing and are very worried about his safety. You can help by continuing to send the updated flyer out to law enforcement agencies, medical/psychiatric hospitals and rehab centers across the country and to shelters.  Thanks!  The Update page was revised on 06-17-07.  Wondering how you can help? Click here to find out (updated 10-13-06)!

Jon's family may have been threatened leading to Jon's disappearance. Jon may have seen something or became involved in something where his family is being threatened. If you have any information please email Jon's wife, Maureen or fax to 1.800.570.8915

Message from Jon's wife (May 19, 2007):

It has been 2 years today since I hugged and kissed Jon goodbye at our front door and then never saw or talked to him again.  2 years, it's unimanginable.  Please if you know anything, if you remember anything about that day that Jon disappeared, please email me.  If you saw or talked with Jon when he left Citigroup that day, or if you saw Jon at Smith's Grocery Store in front of the Budget Rental counter (or if you saw him in the Smith's parking lot) where he was running his errand to on his lunch break, please let me know what you saw or heard!!!!!

Thank you,

Jon's Wife

Thank you ! ! !

Thank you to everyone who has been helping us search for Jon.  From family, friends and even total strangers please know your efforts are so appreciated by this family. Bless each of you!


Front Row L to R: Sal Exposito, Les Riggs, Doug Olson, Jay Barrett, Bill Brunton.
Rear L to R: Con Gregory, Ed Tellefsen, Ron Webb, Jim Arnott

Article in Newspaper:  May 30, 2007 http://www.mesquitelocal.com/pages/veteranpage

I recently attended a Vietnam Era Marine Corps Unit re-union. They met at the home of Bill and Maureen Brunton, Mesquite , NV

These guys had lots of stories to talk about, but they also have a mission yet today. They have a member of the group who went missing a couple years ago in the Las Vegas area. If you would like to help, go to www.reintjes.us/missing_jon.htm for more info. All the members were assigned to the 1st or 3rd Marine Division in the DPP8/DPP16 in the Da Nang area in the mid 60’s. As I spoke with them I became aware of how little knowledge we Vietnam Vets still have about the Deadly Agent Orange defoliant that was used all over Vietnam. The Bottom line is if you were any place in country please contact the Veterans Administration, and get a physical. The fact is you may be dying from that exposure.

~ Written by Ed Fizer


It's such an honor to have you guys helping to look for Jon.  My family and I thank you! And, we would like to thank you for having served this country so proudly!

~ Maureen

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